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"The goal is not just to challenge the mind, but challenge (pierce) the heart - If you are truly UNCOMMON, you're ready to develop the beliefs, values, integrity and faithfulness that lead to victory in life (and business)" - Tony Dungy

Operational Excellence Consulting

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Continuous improvement through Lean methodologies
  • Management system
  • Balanced scorecard



  • 1:1 & Team Coaching
  • Personal Development Plans
  • Life, Health, and Business
  • A system for your daily, weekly, and monthly disciplines/habits required to meet your goals
  • A vision for Uncommon Leadeship


  • Inspiring messages
  • Small groups
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Leadership Development

The inspiration for growing champions


We equip and grow uncommon leaders – in our homes, our businesses, our communities and our world… one connection at a time.  We help leaders and organizations  be who they were meant to be so that they can do what they were meant to do.  In doing the above, we will help them to realize their power to pursue and reach their goals.


It’s simple.  I want to make a difference with people who want to make a difference.  When I die, I will be able to say that I used up all of the God-given gifts I have been afforded.

For my entire career, I have developed skills in process improvement and leadership development that qualify me to consult and coach with you.  What makes me different is that I am intentional about connecting with those that I am engaged with.  Anyone who spends time with me will soon know that there is something very unique about me and will discover my passion for others and a desire to change the world.  A world that has a leadership scarcity that can be filled with common individuals delivering uncommon results in an exceptional way.  


There are many consultants and coaches who use systems for improving in the areas of operational excellence and leadership development of self and others.  It is Growing Champions mission that will set us apart: We will work our heart, our head and our hands to resolutely Grow Champions in business and life that Grow Champions in our homes, our businesses, our communities and our world. 


We want to live out the values of Integrity, Trust, Lifelong Learning, Grace and Truth, Hope and Love, Inspired by Faith, and Being Healthy

The perspective of an outsider is important for individuals and organizations who find themselves in a place where they want to be more as a leader.  When walking on this journey with us, you will realize that we are for you, not only as a business leader, but as a person, a spouse, a parent, and a friend. We will be for you in every aspect of your life!

About John Gallagher


I am John Gallagher, founder and CEO of Growing Champions, LLC, and my passion is driven by one major purpose: To inspire and Grow Champions who Grow other Champions. Growing Champions is a consulting and coaching organization dedicated to helping companies, teams and individuals go from ordinary to Uncommon results that leave a mark on the world. I am a values-driven, process focused leadership development junkie.

At its most basic, I am a coach, a mentor, a consultant, speaker and writer.  Recently, I have become a bit of a fitness and nutrition geek.  I am inspired by my faith, family, friends and those I work with.  I love to watch college football, especially my WVU Mountaineers!!  I have been blessed to be married to my wife, Chris, for over 25 years and have two adult sons, Brendan and Joseph.  I reside in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

I have a strong business foundation with  my years of experience running businesses, working and consulting for organizations of all sizes, and the many industries I have served including manufacturing, healthcare(Hospitals, Medical Groups, Health Plans, etc) , and real estate.  I have coached individuals at all levels of organizations from the unit and department level to the C-Suite, including CEO’s that I am proud to say remain friends today. 

It is my hope that I can live out my vision to impact the world, make a diffference with people who want to make a difference, and grow healthy leaders who exhibit the values of life-long learning, integrity, humility, grace, truth, hope and love.

“What good people produce is like a life-giving tree.  Those who are wise give new life to others.” – Proverbs 11:30 (ERV) 

Companies & People We've Worked With

"John is an amazing servant leader and coach. He engages with people at all levels - from the Board to the front line - in a very powerful and unique way. John excels at aligning strategy to "the work" and fostering a sense of purpose in every process. He enables a culture of safety and helps leaders restore joy to the workplace. "

Paula Roe FACHE

Operational Excellence Practice Leader, Executive Consultant at Simpler Consulting, IBM Company

John is a community and business leader! We enjoyed the impact he made here in Fort Wayne as President at Tuthill and in facilitating and supporting leadership sessions around the community

Craig Cook

Principal Consultant | Growth & Innovations

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