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What you need to know

  • Quote: “Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it has left you” – Author unknown

I really like this quote. I could substitute a couple of words in for the word commitment, such as Integrity (a value) and Covenant (a promise made).Many times after a commitment, we risk losing integrity when we don’t follow through to completion. For me, it is very difficult to say ‘no’ when someone asks me to join a committee, or lead a group, or help with a project. In reality, the disappointment of telling someone ‘no’ is much shorter-lived than saying yes and not following through. Your relationships will be better off for it. Some ways to keep your commitment and improve the relationships with those closest to you:

  • Tape your mouth shut before going to a meeting you know you are going to get asked to volunteer for something! – Well, that might be harsh, but it really is easier to say ‘no’ from the start rather than try to apologize when you miss a commitment
  • When you do make a commitment:
    • Block time off in your calendar to do it
    • Set a reminder on your phone – hold that little button down and ask Siri to “Set a reminder to take out the trash on Wednesday” (just saying this for a friend!
    • Don’t procrastinate – Do it immediately if you are able so you don’t have to worry about missing the commitment
    • Take the proper mindset – Rather than dreading the assignment and saying “I HAVE to do this”, turn it around into a blessing and say “I GET to do this for someone”.  Serving can be a great thing!!
  • Eat Healthy:  I really enjoy sharing some good nutrition tips.  As we are now in full grill season here in SC, I relish the time I have using my Traeger.  You can follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/coach.johngallagher/) where I share many of the fun items I grill.  A nice, juicy steak is often my favorite, but I am learning a few other things.  Here is a quick ‘recipe’ to grill up your corn on the cob to give it a little more flavor than the usual boiled in water:

Ingredients:  Corn on cob, Steak rub, Avocado Oil spray(or olive oil)
Directions: Set grill to 450 (high).Peel back husks and spray oil on corn. Season with salt and pepper or the steak rub!. Place on grill right next to your steaks for 25 minutes or until kernels are soft enough for you.


  • Work Effectively:  Here are some great tips from the Time Management Ninja to help to keep you on track doing your work:

Put the Important Things First – Make sure you put your essential tasks first. Prioritizing your work is key. You cannot do everything in a day, so make sure you do the critical work first.
Single Task – Multitasking may sound great, but it is not practical. Rather than accomplishing more, you are likely to end up with many things started and few finished. Stick to one task at a time and do it until it’s done.
Stick to Your List – You have a to-do list to keep track of your work, so stick to it! When you work from your list, you stay on track and won’t wander to unrelated and miscellaneous tasks.
Keep Your Work Area Clutter-Free – Maintaining a clean place to do your work helps your mind from wandering and from you being distracted by other items lying around. This is an instance when “out of sight, out of mind” is your friend.
Tune Out the Distractions – Another great way to prevent yourself from getting interrupted is to eliminate the distractions. This can mean actions like turning off your phone, closing your email app, or perhaps putting on headphones with concentration music.

For me, # 2 and #5 are ones I struggle with, especially number 5.Closing out the email app, ignoring the phone, and staying off social media are habits I need to manage better.

 What you need to do:

What is one discipline you can add to your calendar this week that will remove distractions and help make you work more effectively this week?
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