Hey Brew nation, welcome back for another  weekly coffee accompaniment designed to equip and call you to Uncommon leadership – I am curious… When you see the word Uncommon, what words come to mind for you?    Let me know your definition of Uncommon by dropping me an email at [email protected]

Fill your cup and enjoy!

What you need to know:

  • Read More :   I recently finished Don Miller’s Book, Business Made Simple  I was intrigued by this book after listening to another podcast and I wasn’t disappointed.  While this book can be ‘consumed’ over a short period, the suggested technique was to read one chapter per day for 60 days and watch an accompanying video by the author.  I appreciated this format and found myself looking forward to the email each day for  the next ‘value-added’ leader tip. 

In this 60-day guide, the author introduces 10 areas where truly successful leaders and their businesses can excel:  Character, Leadership, Personal Productivity, Business Strategy, Messaging, Marketing, Sales, Negotiation, Management and Execution.  Some key takeaways for me that are helping as I launch my own small business:

  • A formula for a good, short mission statement:  We will accomplish ________ by ________ because of ____________. 
  • Use story to engage customers – Guide your customers or potential customers thoughts by repeated sound bites that invite customers to buy something that will change their lives for the better
  • When you are starting a presentation, talk about the problem the presentation will help your audience solve.
  • Get regular (weekly is best)updates from your team in the following areas : 1) What have you done? what are you going to do? What is getting in your way? 

The book is touted as a 60-day MBA for the price of the book and the author says something profound at the end that many of us know.  An education shouldn’t cost our students (or their parents!) their economic freedom.  The book can be very powerful for someone starting their own business or leading a department with budget responsibilities and has the feel of a ‘playbook’.  It is very practical.  I found it a bit short on the leadership side, but would give it a 7/10 and recommend it as a good read.

  • Think Positively:      Lollipop moments – Leadership doesn’t have to be ‘hard’.  There are simple things (like give a Lollipop!)we can do every day that have an impact and we don’t even know it.  This was shared to me by a friend.  It is a good watch (6 minutes).
  • Stay Strong –Have you ever fallen off track ?  Exercising, eating well, focus on work?  Yes, we all have.  In this short clip, Tim Ferriss shares 4 ways to get back on track after we ‘fall’.  Everyone should watch.  We ALL fall off track!    (4 minutes).

What you need to do!

Call to ActionWhat are you reading right now? Let me know what you are reading or what you recommend that I read.  Drop me an email at [email protected].  We should all be on a lifelong leadership development journey if we are to be Uncommon.  Find wisdom from others.  Study others’ success and act.  Our world needs it.

Also, take a minute and drop me your definition of Uncommon.  I will share thoughts in an upcoming edition of the Champions Brew.

There it is.  15 minutes of wisdom to help you stay on track and work toward Uncommon Leadership.

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