Fellow leaders, I’m excited about taking a leap in the podcasting world with this first episode made for you: a leader on a journey of lifelong learning, committed to your personal development and the development of others. 

Ultimately champion leaders growing other champions are those that will be listening to this podcast. In this 20 to 30 minute weekly podcast, I will be interviewing motivating and inspiring leaders. Many of them  continue to be mentors of mine,  who are ready to share their leadership story with you.

Each interview will be unique as we’ll be telling a real life story of an uncommon journey. For you, this means a new episode every week waiting to accompany you on your walk or your workout, your commute to , or any other activity where you can wear your earbuds and you need a dose of encouragement and inspiration. 

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To become Champion leader, we have to be on a continuous improvement journey for ourselves and others.  We have to be able to take advantage of the precious seconds that we have each day.  
There are things that I come across each week that help me, inspire me, relax me, motivate me, and are sometimes are just funny that I want to share with you so that you can smile more, build faith, think positively, network well, exercise often, eat healthy, and grow daily.

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