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What you need to know:

  • Read More:  When I wake in the morning, one of my daily rituals is to read something inspiring and encouraging to get my mindset going in a positive direction.  I have a few resources that I use.  While traveling this week, I was reading from a small devotional book entitled: Leadership Promises for Every Day.  I found this quick devotional to be especially inspiring:

Where does a leader’s vision come from?  To find your vision, you must listen to…

  1. The Inner Voice:  Vision starts within.  Do you know what your life’s mission is?  If what you’re pursuing in life doesn’t come from the depths of who you are and what you believe, you will not be able to accomplish it.
  2. The Unhappy Voice:  Discontent with the status quo is a GREAT catalyst for vision.  No great leader in history fought to PREVENT change
  3. The Successful Voice:  Nobody can accomplish great things alone.  If you want to lead others to greatness, find a good mentor who can help you sharpen your vision
  4. The Higher Voice:  Don’t let your vision be confined by your own limited capabilities.  For me, my vision has God in it as I regularly ask him to help clarify my purpose in life.
  • Work Hard:  By many measures, Jerry Seinfeld has had a ‘successful’ career.  His net worth as of 2019.  While many of us would define success, especially uncommon success in a bit different way, Jerry has had to work hard to be successful, according to this Inc article.  The #1 attribute that he credits for his success is Consistency.  As I coach others, my push to consistency is to follow your Leadership Standard Work… the tasks and activities you must do on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis to achieve your goals/targets.  And, it is not a some of the time thing, but to consistently following that standard work.  A few takeaways for me from this article on the benefits of being more consistent with your disciplines:
    •  Breakthroughs in skill come not from eureka moments but from the accumulation of consistent, focused effort.
    • You can’t control other people.  You can’t control time.  You can’t control ‘luck’.  You CAN control how consistently you work.
    • Consistency CAN be a competitive advantage.
  • Lead Better:      As we continue to grow our leadership skills, we should see a behavioral change from telling people what to do and moving to asking great questions to call forward the greatness of the individuals we coach.  When I am coaching others in my business, or ‘coaching’ relationships, I must be very aware of whether I am asking enough good question.  So, what are some good questions to ask during coaching sessions when someone has a problem?  Some questions I have learned work well along the way:
    • What is the problem you are trying to solve?
    • Where do you want to end up?  What is the target? By when?
    • What is the biggest obstacle standing in your way right now?
    • What is one thing you can experiment with right now to eliminate that barrier?
    • How can I help?

What you need to do:

Call to ActionWhat is one thing you can be more consistent at doing this week to help you move toward Uncommon leadership?

There it is.  15 minutes of wisdom that I hope inspire and motivate you toward lifelong learning and personal growth.

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