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Fill your cup and enjoy!

What you need to know:

  • Read More :   Have you ever had a book that you enjoyed so much you went back and read it again… maybe not entirely, but the key points that you read and learned from and reflected on how well you may have implemented some of those learnings?  In 2019, I read John Maxwell’s Leadershift.  It had a great impact on me as I was considering making a career change and the words in there just struck me hard.  Recently, I went back and skimmed through it again when I heard it mentioned in conversation with another leader.  The points were just as relevant now as they were then.  Maybe even moreso!  I highly recommend this book.  I dog-eared and highlighted and underlined so many key points.  Here are just a few takeaways:
    • Our growth is similar to that of a tree.  As we learn and grow, we add new rings of understanding without giving up the older ones.  We build, using the past to strengthen us.  And create something new.” – CS Lewis  This quote reminds me of the Growing Champions logo as it was ‘derived’ from a tree.  That, we as leaders grow and bear fruit. 
    • About trusting the process: 
      • Practicing is not amazing
      • Studying is not amazing
      • Showing up is not amazing
      • Working hard is not amazing
      • Asking questions is not amazing
      • Changing is not amazing
      • Trying is not amazing
      • Failing is not amazing
      • Trying again is not amazing

But, every one of these things is NECESSARY.  They are the price you must pay every day to reach your potential.  If you pay that price and do it consistently, the final result (sic bear fruit!) can be amazing!

  • As you pursue your calling, your life will be written and rewritten.  Some experiences will end in a period – a full stop.  Others will need the pause of a comma.  You will have exclamation mark moments of victory and contentment.  And of course, there will be MANY question marks. – I just love this… That is the joy AND pain of writing the greatest story ever told.  It likely won’t go exactly as planned.  We will do, reflect, and adjustas we truly pursue our Uncommon purpose!!
    • If you’re willing to commit to changing yourself, inviting a small group of people to join you in the process, and preparing other leaders (sic Growing Champions!), you can change your world.
    • “Everyone has a change the world speech in them.” – John F Kennedy Believing that you can make a difference is the start.  You HAVE to believe you can change your world!

A little summary of how I wore out this book

  • # pages = 255
  • # dog-eared pages = 27 – For me, dog-eared pages are ones that I NEED to go back to.  There is some action I need to take or message I need to share.  High impact
  • # pages ‘marked’ with  sharpie or highlighter = 88 – When I underline, it slows down my reading.  It helps me to absorb and soak it in.  88 of 255 is 1 out of every 3 pages!!

There is probably a book rating system in there somewhere… If a dog-ear gets 2 points and a page mark gets one point, that would be 142 points.  Creating a ratio of pages:points would give it a score of 1.8.  I would need to look back at other books to get a comparison, but I am willing to bet 1.8 will be high on the scale… More to come on this

Well, I believe that book review is enough to consume for today’s Brew!  What book have you read that you go back to over and over again?  Share it with me via email at [email protected]

What you need to do!

Call to Action:  This week, what statement are you going to make out loud that motivate you to change the world.  “I believe I can _______________________________.  I will!

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Until next time, go and Grow Champions

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