“With the first pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Travon Walker, Defensive Lineman, Georgia.” – A bunch of multi-million dollar choices were made last night with the NFL draft. Some will work out… some won’t!

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Here is your weekly drink of what I have been reading, listening to or watching to equip me to:

  • Make Good Choices/Selections– The NFL Draft was held last night.  Did you watch?  The first round of the NFL draft is exciting and nerve-racking for those being selected.  It is also a challenge for the teams selecting these players and evaluating the potential future stars on the field for their organizations.  I would love to be a fly on the wall in the “war rooms” of these teams evaluating the future talent.  Their choices don’t always pan out.  As leaders, we are often asked to recruit and hire key leaders for our organizations.  These decisions are so important.  Good hires cost money, but bad hires cost LOTS of money!  When you are looking to recruit someone for your team organization, what are the attributes that you look for?  I was reminded of a presentation I did several years ago for a group of Engineering graduates that was titled, “So, You Want to Land a Job”.  I spoke with heart to these students.  It wasn’t just their diploma or resume that would get them hired (those things get you the interview!).  The key to help you landing the job was a series of life choices.  A few of the choices I encouraged these students to make were:
    • Attitude – How’s your attitude?  How is your mindset? All other things being equal, I would choose a candidate/draft pick that exhibited the most positive attitude
    • Lifelong learning – What is the last book you read?  What have you done in the last year to develop your skills?  How are you different today then you were 6 months ago?  Be a lifelong learner. 
    • Priorities – What is most important to you?  It is money?  Position?  Being a whole person is a valuable attribute.  I want to know stories about your competencies, but I also want to know about your friendships, what you do for fun, how you invest time with family and more.   Remember, you are the average of the 5 people you hang around with the most!  Are you raising the average?
  • Read More – How have books impacted your life? One of my favorite leadership books of all time is The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  I just learned that John Maxwell will be publishing the 25th anniversary edition of this book in May of this year.  I have a lot of leadership books on my shelf that I have read, but I can’t think of one that has had more influence on me.  A mentor gave me this book nearly 25 years ago and reviewed the book with me chapter by chapter.  I am very excited to get a copy of the 25ht anniversary edition.  (I also realize that I may be getting old… buying another copy of a book I read 25 years ago!  This book and others have impacted my life in a very positive way.  Because of books, I have become a better:
    • Leader – Leaders are readers.  As a result of reading the 21 Irrefutable Laws and other leadership books, I have learned how to be a better leader and have implemented a personal development plan that is rooted in reading.  In 2022, I am on target to read 12 books, as well as the Bible for a second time!
    • Mentor – I believe that a book is a great gift.  Giving someone the gift of personal development is a lifetime investment.  My friend invested in me and, as a result, I am better today.  To grow champions, I feel inspired to equip others.  One way to do that is by giving someone a book that I believe will help them to grow.  Becoming a Coaching Leader is a great book for mentoring.
    • Father & Husband – Some of the books that I have read have had a direct influence on my relationship with my wife and sons.  I have to realize that personal development is not just about my work, but also with my family and friends.  The Five Love Languages and Bringing Up Boys are must reads in this space.
    • Businessman – I have had a need to increase my business acumen over the years to have an impact on businesses that I have led and advised.  Profit From the Core and The Lean Turnaround are  two of my favorites in this genre.
  • Quote – “Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

 What you need to do:

Call to Action:  What is one discipline you can implement this week to help you to choose a better attitude, enhance your learning, or focus on a priority you have been neglecting recently?

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