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Here is your weekly sip of what I have been reading, listening to or watching to equip me to:

  • Think Positively and Write More – James Clear shared a good idea this week in his newsletter to capture all those ideas that you forget about before you write them down:   “Most good material is forgotten.  Write down the funniest or most interesting thing that happens to you each day. Most days will be boring, but if you write something each day, then you’ll have 5 to 10 entertaining stories within a year or two. People are sitting on more funny stories than they realize because they do not have a habit of capturing humorous things as they happen.  Write down one idea each day. Most ideas will be simple and uninteresting, but within a year you’ll have a handful that are compelling and useful. Little bits of genius are bubbling up all the time, but you need a habit of recording your ideas in order to capture the good ones.  It’s a myth that great storytellers only think of great stories or that insightful people only have brilliant ideas. But they do have a habit (aka, system or process) of capturing their experiences and insights, and the patience to filter the majority until the best remain.”
  • Think Positively –Do you have the Timehop app?  I really appreciate this app that brings back memories from 1 or more years ago that took place on the current day.  Facebook has something similar with memories.  Most of the time, those are good memories because we tend to memorialize good times with photos, but some are challenging.  For me, some of the more challenging are the ones from more than six years ago before my journey to fitness, or a friend or family member that may no longer be with us.  I often wish that I had a “Your positive leadership memories” button to push to go back to times where you had successful personal leadership moments.  When we look back on memories (both positive and challenges), there are lessons to be learned and questions to be asked.  Questions like:
    • What was I ‘doing’ at that moment that helped me to achieve that success?
    • Who was I ‘being’ at that moment that helped me to achieve that success?
    • How can I use what I was doing and being back then to achieve success in the PRESENT moment?

Maybe someone will create an app that pops up memory reminders for our positive leadership moments.  Maybe one exists and I don’t know it.  Either way, be intentional on reviewing those memories, learning from them, and driving continuous improvement as a leader.

  • Exercise Daily –  Are you having trouble finding the inspiration or motivation to get to the gym each day?  Would you rather stay in bed under the covers instead of heading out for a morning run?  Found this piece from Men’s Journal outlining 10 Ways to overcome Workout  Laziness to have some good pointers.  Click on the article link to see all 10, but here are a few tips that I often use:
    • Keep your playlist fresh – I find music to be very inspiring and keeping good songs are helpful.  I also download podcasts to not only get a good fitness workout, but also get some personal development at the same time.
    • Get a workout partner – workout partners can be effective in two ways: 1) accountability – nobody wants to let down their workout partner and 2) a workout partner will likely lead to you going for just one more rep, or one more set, or one more lap!
    • Set realistic goals – To continue to be motivated, it is important to see progress.  So, setting attainable, progressive goals can be effective.
    • Talk up your workout friends – I do this with my brother and cousin.  We share the calories that we burn with a hashtag to let each other know we are at the gym.  This is a bit like a workout partner, but a virtual workout partner!  Our mastermind group does something similar by communicating via text message with each other when we have finished our daily reading discipline
    • Inflict gym only TV privileges – I used to find this effective when I had a treadmill at my house.  Is there a favorite show you like to watch on Netflix?  Set a rule that you can only watch while working out on the treadmill or other cardio equipment.  The time will fly!
  • Quote – “Discomfort is the price you pay for growth” – Jeff Henderson

What you need to do:

Call to Action:  How will you overcome workout laziness this week?  Which one of these tips will you try to help you to exercise daily?   

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Until next time eat healthy, read more, be a light and Grow Champions!

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