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Here is your weekly sip of what I have been reading, listening to or watching to equip me to:

  • Work Hard – I recently came across this article from Inc.com – Research Shows Having an Abundance Mindset Can Raise your IQ by 13 Points. Here Are 5 Ways to Cultivate One – Focusing on what you lack makes you functionally dumber. Train yourself to focus on what’s possible instead.  Talk about clickbait.  I bit.  The thing that attracted me to the title was the very end… “Focus on what’s possible.”  A few key takeaways for me from the 5 ways:
    • Have an abundance mindset – The article encourages people to surround themselves with people that have an abundance mindset.  An abundance mindset is when a leader “knows that there is enough to go around for everyone. They tend to move forward in life with fulfillment and confidence in what they have and what they’re capable of having because they believe in the power to create what they want.  Would you rather hang around with people who keep warning you of doom and telling you all the reasons you will fail, or ones that constantly tell you there are countless opportunities out there.  Being around people with an abundance mindset is energizing.
    • Have a growth mindset – people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work — brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.
    • Be willing to be a beginner – The author suggests that if you do have a growth mindset, then you also need to be prepared to be ‘not very good’ at something!  If you aren’t comfortable being uncomfortable than having a growth mindset will be frustrating.

Click here to read the rest of the article.  I enjoyed it.

  • Read More – In 1998 I was gifted with one of the most impactful books I have read in my Leadership journey.  Not only did this mentor purchase that book for me, but he sat with me and reviewed the book with me chapter by chapter.  Both he and the book continue to impact me today.  I have now read this book 3 times.  The book is The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.  I can’t think of another book I have referenced more in my Leadership journey.  The Laws are timeless.  Over the next several months, I will take the time to review each Law with you, Brew Nation, pointing out the truths that have been helping me to develop as a leader over the past 25 years.  Won’t you read along with me?  I encourage you to purchase a copy and read one law per week over the next 21 weeks and see how it impacts you.  Have you already read it?  I encourage you to read it again! What did you miss the first time?  This year, John Maxwell released the 25th anniversary edition and has developed new material, updated the fantastic stories, and made other improvements.  In the Introduction, the author asks the reader to keep these things in mind:
    • Leadership requires the ability to do more than one thing – While many of us look for a silver bullet, there is no silver bullet.  There are 21 silver bullets according to the author!
    • No one does all 21 Laws well – As leaders, we must do 21 things well to be excellent, but we don’t have to do all of them well.  Those laws that you are at or below average are ones you should be looking for members of your team who do that law well to create a team strong in all areas.

I am excited about going on this 21 Law journey with you.  Each law is a tool.  Each law that you learn will upgrade your toolbox.  Let’s upgrade together!

  • Quote – “Everything rises and falls on leadership” – John Maxwell

What You Need to Do:

Call to Action:  Go and get your copy of the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership off your bookshelf and go on this journey with me, Brew Nation!  Participate in the conversation each week and I know you will grow your leadership ability.  Look, this book has been out for 25 years.  I can almost bet you can find a used copy on Amazon(as I write this, there are 27 used ones available for sale!), a $2 copy at Goodwill (I have purchased this book twice from Goodwill!), or get the new updated 25th Anniversary copy here.  Let’s Go!

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Until next time think positively, exercise daily and Grow Champions!

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