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Everything rises and falls on leadership.

John Gallagher

Meet John Gallagher, an accomplished executive coach, performance consultant, and trusted advisor to some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. As the founder and CEO of Growing Champions Coaching & Consulting, John has worked with renowned global entities, including IBM, Mitsubishi Electric, Eaton Corporation, Harvard University, and billion-dollar healthcare systems, to help their top leaders and teams achieve exceptional results.

John specializes in driving success in the areas of people development, productivity improvement, profitability, and growth. With a proven track record of delivering tangible results for his clients, John has become a sought-after expert in his field, known for his innovative approach and unwavering commitment to helping organizations reach their full potential.

My Story

Who am I?

I am John Gallagher, founder and CEO of Growing Champions, LLC, and my passion is driven by one major purpose: To enable and Grow Champions who Grow Champions. Growing Champions is a consulting and coaching organization dedicated to helping companies, teams and individuals go from ordinary to Uncommon results that leave a mark on the world. I am a values-driven, process focused leadership development junkie.

At its most basic, I am a coach & mentor, consultant, speaker and recent fitness geek who has a desire to grow in his own faith and personal influence. I believe that you can achieve uncommon results through the application of daily disciplines/habits that can get you from where you are to where you want to be. I am inspired by my faith, family, friends as well as past and current mentors.

While the story may sound all about ‘John’, it really is about YOU. You are why Growing Champions exists today. If you are interested in leaving your mark on the world, not settling for mediocrity, and envision a life that elevates everything and everyone it touches, then please connect with me and let’s change our world together, one relationship at a time.

“John is an amazing servant leader and coach. He engages with people at all levels – from the Board to the front line – in a very powerful and unique way.“

My Services

How Can I make a difference with you?

I will walk with you and connect with you. I will encourage you and inspire you. I will help you to achieve your goals and stretch you out of your comfort zone to pursue excellence. I will guide you on a path to leave a mark on your world and not settle for mediocrity. Together we can Grow Champions that elevate everything and everyone they touch

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