Champions Brew for June 18, 2021

Hey Brew nation, welcome back for another  weekly coffee accompaniment designed to equip and call you to uncommon leadership.  It is my hope that you are finding these weekly bullets to be useful. 

Fill your cup and enjoy!

What you need to know

  • Relax often:   Do you take naps?  I sometimes do.  I think the working from home life makes that a little more accessible and I believe it can really be helpful, done correctly.  Michael Hyatt, CEO of Michael Hyatt and Company and former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing naps!  Here he talks of 5 reasons you should take a nap every day.
  • Eat Healthy:   Have you heard of intermittent fasting?  While I am not totally pure with the application, it has become a big part of my eating lifestyle.  I target eating all of my calories in 8 hours and fasting for 16 hours.  I credit this lifestyle as one of the reasons I have been able to maintain a healthy weight and body fat %.  It isn’t for everyone, but something you could consider.  Here is an article from Dr Gabe Mirkin who talks about the science behind intermittend fasting.  CLICK HERE
  • Uncommon Leader Spotlight:  One of my favorite books I have read is Lou Holtz’ Winning Every Day.  I am fond of Lou.  Maybe it is because I grew up an ND fan, or maybe because Lou is from my hometown in Follansbee, WV, or could even be because I met him one time in the South Bend airport back in the 90’s when he was still coaching at ND and we talked about the families he still knew in Follansbee.  All those things are cool, and part of my story, but I also believe that Lou was an Uncommon leader.  He played football despite his small stature, he became a great speaker despite his strong lisp, and he won at all the universities he went to in his career.  He turned teams around at William & Mary, NC State, Minnesota, South Carolina, and of course, Notre Dame – winning a national championship in 1988 over my beloved WV Mountaineers.  That made for a split home!  Back to the book… Chapter 1 was about “The Power of Attitude” and Lou finished with some great calls to action:  Here is the excerpt:

“I hope I have made myself clear how your attitude has the power to change your life.  What should you do if you don’t have a positive outlook?  Find one.  Instead of thinking “I can’t”, start saying “I can!”  It takes just as much time and energy.  If you are surrounded by a lot of negativists, think about putting some distance between yourself and them.  Surround yourself with people who encourage rather than discourage.  Read books or watch films depicting the lives of people who overcame great odds.  If they could do it, so can you.  Think about winning before you go to sleep and the moment you wake.  Remember: Every day, some ordinary person does something extraordinary.  Today, it’s your turn.”

What you need to do:

Call to Action:  So, which one of Lou’s tips are you going to put in place this week.  Do it now!  Attitude is a choice!

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