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How does your environment empower or obstruct your communication and leadership effectiveness?

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  • Read More – Have you ever noticed how the most impactful communicators possess the ability to be concise, clear, and focused? Effective communication is a skill worth developing, and it is a goal shared by many. Inspired by the article “3 Strategies to Communicate with Precision” on Inc.com, I would like to share how I am actively incorporating these tactics to improve my own communication abilities.
  1. Craft a Headline –  This refers to the ability to capture the main point of your message in a single sentence. Carrie Nieuwhof emphasizes the importance of a clear sermon or presentation by stating, “If you can’t say the main point of your message in a single sentence, your audience will not remember it.” I vividly recall the impactful titles used by my friend and spiritual mentor, Stan Buck, such as “Life is relationships. The rest is just details.” By adopting this approach, you can ensure that our message remains memorable and focused and will get the audience to lean in.
  2. Leverage the Power of Three –   When faced with the question of “how many,” default to the power of three. This principle is not only useful in answering ‘how many’ questions in Trivial Pursuit, but also holds significant value in effective communication. Whether it’s presenting three steps, three reasons, or following the three strategies mentioned in the article, the number three provides a balanced and manageable framework. Remember the iconic Tootsie Roll Pop commercial? It took just three licks to reach the center. By embracing the power of three, you make your message more digestible(get it – digestible) and avoid overwhelming your audience.
  3. Repeat Yourself – A valuable tip I embrace for effective communication is to “Tell them what you’re gonna tell them, tell them, and tell them what you told them.” By repeating key points strategically, you provide clarity and reinforce your message. This technique, as mentioned in the article, has been successfully employed by skilled speakers, educators, and bloggers!  

Whether delivering a presentation or composing an email, starting with a clear headline, presenting the main message (ideally with the power of three), and concluding with a summary ensures that our communication remains focused and impactful.

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  • Read More – Speaking of the power of three, I thought I would share three books I am currently reading as part of my daily discipline that are having a measurable impact on my growth as a leader:
    • One Minute Prayers for Busy People by Clayton King – In a brief (one minute!) format, Clayton King shares devotionals designed to enhance my spiritual journey.  The topics he discusses include Stress, Money, Comparisons and Distractions among others.  I get a scriptural verse, a devotional challenge, and a short prayer that are designed to provide spiritual insight into the topics that affect all of us on a daily basis.
    • The New Testament – I have been journeying through the New Testament in 2023 alongside the members of our church this year.  After reading the entire Bible each of the past 2 years, I have relished the slower pace of the reduced reading load this year.  It has allowed me to dive even deeper into the story of Jesus’ life.  This experience has been further enriched by the Chosen TV series, a great complement to the reading.  As the year has progressed, I find myself immersed in a truly extraordinary and fulfilling period of faith development.

So, what are you reading right now? 

  • Read More –This week is a review of Law #6 in  The 16 Undeniable Laws of Communication – Apply Them and Make the Most of Your Message by John Maxwell.  Each week, I am traveling with you through a new chapter of this book.  I hope that you have purchased a copy of this book and are following along with me! 

Law # 6 – The Law of Environment

Growth Thrives in Conducive Surroundings.

You’ve probably heard this one before: “If you’re always at the head of the class, then you’re in the wrong class.”  But the only thing you learn at the head of the class all the time is that your growth is limited to your ability alone to develop.  Sometimes the best place to be is where someone else is the head of the class.  If we want to grow to reach our potential, we need to be in the right learning environment and sometimes that requires uncomfortable changes.

In this chapter, John Maxwell talks about 6 choices to put ourselves in a better ‘place’ for growth:

  1. Assess your current environment – He suggested a series of questions to ask yourself that would help you determine if you are in the right ‘environment’:
    • Music – What songs lift me?
    • Thoughts – What ideas speak to me?
    • Experiences – What experiences rejuvenate me?
    • Hopes – What dreams inspire me?
    • Giftedness – What activities activate me?
    • Books – What have I read that changed me? 
    • Friends – What people encourage me?

If you aren’t getting many of those things that you say you need, you have some tough choices to make!

2. Change yourself AND your environment – If you change your environment, you must also change yourself.  If not, all you are changing is your zip code and your license plate.  If you change your environment AND you change yourself, growth will be faster and more fruitful.

3. Change who you spend your time with – OK, now he’s getting personal.  But the research is clear.  According to social psychologist Dr. David McClellan of Harvard, the people with whom you habitually associate determine as much as 95 percent of your success or failure in life!!  Sue Enquist has been called the John Wooden of women’s softball.  As a player and coach at UCLA, she helped win a total of 11 NCAA softball titles.  She espouses the “33 percent rule.”  You can divide the people in your life into thirds:

  • Bottom third – This third will suck the energy right out of the room.  I refer to them as ‘energy vampires’.

  • Middle third – Happy when things are going well, but down in times of adversity.  Circumstances dictate their attitude.

  • Top third – This group maintains a positive attitude even in tough times.  These are the leaders, influencers, and game-changers.

Rather than categorizing those you know into one of those three buckets (which you may have instinctively done), the key lies in conducting a self-assessment to determine where you personally fit within these buckets in your relationships with others.

4. Challenge Yourself in Your new Environment – Develop the habit of challenging yourself.  A simple way to do this is to make your goals public. 

5. Focus on the Moment – Don’t dwell on your past.  You can’t change it.  Don’t worry about your future.  You can’t control it.  Focus on today and what you can do right now.

6. Move forward despite criticism – Do not wait for a change of environment before you act.  Most people underestimate themselves due to the criticism they receive, including self-criticism.  As a result, you only shoot for what you can reach.  Instead, reach for what is beyond your grasp!

If you are in a growth environment, be grateful.  Thank the people who have helped you to create it.  If you’re not, do what you can to change your environment and yourself. 

  • Quote of the week:   “If I went back to college again, I’d concentrate on two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience.  Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively” – Gerald Ford

What You Need to Do:

Call to Action:  So, are you ready to unlock your full potential and embrace a positive growth environment? Take action today and make the necessary choices to put yourself in the right place for personal and professional development.

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