Fueling Purposeful Growth: Exploring Intentional Connection, ‘So That’, and Vision, in the 150th Edition of Your Champions Brew

Good Intentions without discipline lead to excuses, but Discipline with intention leads to EXCELLENCE.

Happy Friday, Brew Nation!  We have reached another milestone.  Champions Brew #150!! It’s been quite a ride and I look forward to the next 150!!!  Thank you for being a part of it.

Grab your favorite coffee cup, sit back, relax, and get ready to sip on some enriching and thought-provoking content that will equip you to thrive in all areas of your life:

  • Uncommon Leader Insights – In my recent podcast episode with Chris Welton, the author of the Amazon best-seller,  “One Jordan,” we discussed the profound lessons and insights he shared based on his experiences. Here are my three key takeaways from the interview:
    • Embracing the Power of Connection: Chris emphasized the distinction between networking and connecting. He stressed the importance of building genuine, lasting relationships with others, rather than merely engaging in shallow, transactional interactions. By sharing his personal journey and the impactful connections he cultivated, Chris highlighted the potential for profound growth and opportunity through meaningful connections.
    • Overcoming Self-Doubt and Rejection: Chris candidly shared his experiences with self-doubt and rejection, particularly during the process of writing his book. He acknowledged the presence of self-doubt but emphasized the importance of perseverance. His journey attests to the resilience needed to navigate through rejection and uncertainty, ultimately leading to significant personal and professional growth.
    • Faith as a Guiding Force: Chris transparently shared the role of faith in his journey, especially during challenging times. He shared a personal story of facing hardships and the pivotal role faith played in sustaining him. Through his experiences, he highlighted the significance of faith as a source of strength and resilience, offering a powerful reminder of the impact of belief and conviction in overcoming obstacles.

Chris Welton’s insights offer a profound perspective on personal and professional growth, emphasizing the significance of authentic connections, resilience in the face of adversity, and the guiding force of faith. As we navigate our own journeys, incorporating these principles can inspire lasting transformation and enrichment in both our personal and professional lives.

  • Stay Strong – What is your SO THAT? – When motivation wanes, discipline becomes crucial. It’s the “SO THAT” that acts as our guiding star, propelling us out of bed each morning, away from the allure of the snooze button, and into the realm of disciplined action.

Lewis Howes, in a captivating Instagram post, beautifully illustrated the power of the “SO THAT.” He highlighted the importance of setting goals that give us goosebumps, surrounding ourselves with friends that give us energy, experiencing love that gives us butterflies, and embracing a mission that: 1) ignites a sense of fireworks in our minds, 2) makes it impossible to sleep, 3) makes it irresistible to wake up, and 4) generates excitement that becomes our compass, directing us towards our true purpose… our SO THAT.

So, what is your “SO THAT”? For me, I commit myself to lifelong learning in the areas of faith, fitness, and leadership development SO THAT I make a difference with people who share the same passion to make a difference doing work that makes a difference.  Hitting the snooze button, skipping daily rituals of reading and exercise, or indulging in unhealthy habits are incompatible with my “SO THAT.”

Remember Your path to Uncommon is paved by the Decision to choose the Discomfort of change over the Displeasure of remaining the same. Today, I share this message, celebrating 150 consecutive weeks of the Champions Brew. Even if it impacts and makes a difference in just one person’s life, I am committed to writing another 150 weeks. So, what are you waiting for? Start making a difference.

Unleash your inner fire, embrace your “SO THAT,” and let it propel you towards a purpose-driven life. Together, we can create an extraordinary impact that ripples through the lives of others.

  • Read More I am thrilled to finish the journey through “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader” by my personal mentor, author John C Maxwell. We have reached the end of this great book.  I hope you have enjoyed this journey.  I appreciate all the engagement and will continue this book review journey next week with The Power of One More by Ed Mylett.  Let’s finish this book with another uncommon leader quality:

Quality #21 – Vision

You Can Seize Only What You Can See

Let’s dive into Chapter 21 of “The 21 Essential Qualities of a Leader” to uncover key takeaways from the life and vision of Walt Disney, one of the most visionary leaders of his time.

Walt Disney’s journey began with a simple observation while visiting an amusement park with his daughters. As he approached a carousel, he noticed the shabby horses, chipped paint, and limited movement. This experience ignited a vision within him, which eventually led to the creation of Disneyland. The author of a book on Walt Disney summarized his vision as “No chipped paint. All the horses jump.”

Here are my three takeaways from this chapter:

  1. Vision sparks and fuels the fire within: Vision must come from within, stirring our hearts and driving our dreams. It is born out of our personal experiences, frustrations, and desires for positive change. Take a moment to reflect on what stirs your heart, what you dream about, and what frustrations you are willing to battle to eliminate. Write down your vision and let it percolate, daring to be bold.  A valuable vision not only energizes us but also attracts others to join us on the journey.
  2. Vision acts like a magnet: A bold vision attracts people and resources. When others witness the importance of your vision and see your passion, they become inspired and begin to share your vision. This magnetic quality facilitates the formation of a strong team, an essential element in fulfilling a grand vision. Great leaders recognize that they cannot accomplish great things alone; they need a good team by their side. 
  3. Vision includes God: To craft a vision that transcends our capabilities and lifetime, it must be accompanied by something greater than ourselves. Only God knows the full extent of our capabilities, and by seeking His guidance, we can tap into our true potential. Look beyond yourself and envision how your leadership can bring positive change to the world.

As we reflect on the transformative insights from this chapter and book, let us remember that leadership development is an ongoing journey. The learning process never ceases.

21 weeks… 21 qualities… Think you’re done? Nope. We have only just begun. Keep growing as a leader, one chapter at a time. “The 21 Essential Qualities of a Leader” is a timeless book, and John Maxwell encourages us to consistently read books, listen to tapes (yes, tapes!), and attend conferences that stretch us. Embrace the mindset of continuous growth and learning.

May your vision ignite, attract, and impact the world around you. Keep growing, keep learning, and become the kind of leader that people want to follow.

Next week:  One More Identity

Quote of the week:   “Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it has left you.” – Author unknown

Call to Action:  Are you ready to unleash the power of your “SO THAT” and create a life of meaning and impact? It’s time to take that first step towards your purpose-driven journey. I invite you to set up a free call with me to explore how you can align your actions with your “SO THAT” and ignite your true potential. Together, we will uncover your vision, develop a roadmap for success, and craft a personalized strategy to make a difference. Don’t wait any longer—let’s connect and ignite your purpose. Schedule your free call today! 

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Until next time, Go and Grow Champions!

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