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Grab your favorite coffee cup, sit back, relax, and get ready to sip on some enriching and thought-provoking content that will equip you to thrive in all areas of your life:

  1. Eat more chocolate: Yes, you read that right! A fascinating study conducted in 2017 explored the cognitive benefits of consuming cocoa flavonoids found in cocoa and chocolate. Participants who incorporated cocoa into their routine experienced improved memory, increased attention span, and enhanced executive function compared to the placebo group. So, the next time you savor a piece of chocolate, know that you’re not just satisfying your sweet tooth, but also giving your brain a boost!
  2. Do Daily Brain Exercises: Keeping your brain active and engaged is key to maintaining cognitive health. Activities like sudoku puzzles(this is my favorite daily mind challenge!), crosswords, chess, and problem-solving games have been shown to improve memory and delay the onset of accelerated memory decline. So, make these mentally stimulating activities a part of your routine and enjoy the long-lasting cognitive benefits they offer.
  3. Take a multivitamin: Daily supplements are very important for me.  I use Athletic Greens as well as Vitamin D and Fish Oil packed with Omega 3’s as part of my daily routine.  A recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that taking a daily multivitamin can potentially boost your memory.

So, grab a piece of chocolate, pick up that sudoku puzzle, and don’t forget to take your daily dose of Athletic Greens (if you have any interest in that, here is an affiliate link to read more about AG1 and receive 5 free travel packs with your first order) With these tools in your arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to having the memory of an elephant!

Now, where did I leave my keys?

Are you aware that The Champions Brew explores various topics that I frequently coach and consult on with other leaders and organizations? If you or someone you know is seeking to elevate their business or personal life from underperforming to uncommon, I would love to connect with you and discuss 1:1 or group coaching, as well as performance consulting. In fact, click the following link to schedule a FREE CALL to explore how coaching could benefit you and your team. Let’s work together to unleash your full potential and achieve your goals!
  • Work Hard – Have you ever come across the saying, “Find something you love to do, and you will NEVER work a day in your life”? It’s a popular quote often attributed to an unknown source. However, I beg to differ. I believe when you find something you love to do it means you’ll work harder, find fulfillment, and make a greater impact.

Work, by definition, involves effort, dedication, and commitment. However, when you engage in work that you love, it transforms your perspective. Rather than feeling burdened by work, you embrace it with enthusiasm and passion. It becomes a labor of love, driving you to push harder and strive for excellence.

In the words of Warren Buffett, “Find work that you love, and you won’t HAVE to work, you GET to work.” Embracing work that aligns with your passions and values transforms the concept of “work” into a fulfilling and purposeful journey.

  • Read More –This week is a review of Law #13 in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell.  Each week, I am traveling with you through a new chapter of this book.  I hope that you have purchased a copy of this book and are following along with me! 

Law # 13 – The Law of Modeling

It’s Hard to Improve When You Have No One But Yourself to Follow

As both a coach and someone who has been coached, I found The Law of Modeling to be a captivating area of need of personal growth.  Here are a few of my specific takeaways from this chapter:

  1. The Influence of Personal Role Models that I DON’T Know Personally: Maxwell emphasizes that our growth journey often begins by finding mentors in the pages of books. It did for me in 1998 when I was given my first book on leadership, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, and it changed my life. However, in today’s digital age, we can also find mentors through various mediums such as social media and podcasts, so even if you don’t consider yourself a reader, there are other avenues that you can learn! From health and fitness to entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal faith, I have discovered mentors in these platforms.  Although I may not have known them personally, they have made a significant impact on my growth and development.
  2. The Impact of Personal Mentors that I DO Know Personally: In addition to the mentors that I have found through books and digital platforms, I have also been fortunate to have mentors who have invested in my life personally. These individuals have provided guidance and support in areas such as health, fitness, entrepreneurship, leadership, and my own personal faith journey. Their mentorship has shaped my growth and propelled me forward in my lifelong development journey.
  3. The Inspiration of Becoming a Positive Mentor: As I have received guidance and support from mentors, I have also embraced the role of a mentor myself. By investing in others and sharing my knowledge and experiences, I have become a positive influence in others’ lives.
  4. The Greatest Story Ever Told – Making a Positive Impact in Someone’s Life: One of the most rewarding aspects of mentorship is knowing that you have made a positive impact on someone’s life. When asked who has positively influenced their lives,  individuals often write down the names of their mentors. It is a testament to the power of mentorship and the profound effect it can have on personal and leadership growth. To inspire others, consider asking them the question: “Who do you want to write your name on their list?” Encourage them to invest in someone’s life and make a difference. The time to start is now because excellence only happens on purpose.

Mentorship is a transformative force in personal growth. As a coach and mentor, I have experienced its power firsthand, both as a recipient and a provider. From influential figures in books and digital platforms to personal mentors who have invested in my life, mentorship has shaped my journey and inspired me to guide others.

  • Quote of the week:    Rather than a quote this week, I think I will finish with a fun story from The Law of Modeling:   There was an expert who was called by a company to look at their manufacturing system. It had broken and everything was at a standstill. When the expert arrived, he carried nothing but a little black bag. Silently he walked around the equipment for a few minutes and then stopped. As he focused on one specific area of the equipment, he pulled a small hammer out of his tool bag, and he tapped it gently. Suddenly everything began running again, and he quietly left. The next day he sent a bill that made the manager go ballistic. It was for $5,000! Quickly the manager e-mailed the expert and wrote, “I will not pay this outrageous bill without it being itemized and explained.” Soon he received an invoice with the following words: For tapping on equipment with hammer—$1. For knowing where to tap—$4,999. That is the value of wisdom!

What You Need to Do

Call to Action:  Take action today and begin by identifying a mentor(s) who aligns with your aspirations. Seek wisdom in books, podcasts, and social media, and actively engage with mentors who may invest in you personally.

It’s an honor to be your trusted “Friday Coffee Guy”.  Each week, I’m excited to provide yet another round of curated content that I’ve been reading, listening to, watching, or thinking over. The purpose of the Champions Brew is to inspire, equip and encourage you to become the uncommon leader you were designed to be. I am so grateful for your decision to invest a few moments with me! I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Champions Brew. If you did, I would appreciate it if you would share it with someone who might enjoy it as well and ask them to subscribe! I will make sure they automatically get this email every week.

Until next time, Go and Grow Champions!

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