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How can you replace your “French Fries” with healthier alternatives?

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  • Eat Healthy – Sometimes, the most unexpected pieces of advice can have a profound impact on our lives. It was back in 2017 when I hit a frustrating plateau in my weight loss journey. Despite my best efforts and countless hours in the gym, the scales refused to budge. Little did I know that a simple conversation with my trainer would change everything and teach me a valuable lesson about the power of eliminating detrimental habits. “So, what are you eating?”, she asks, and I can still remember the laugh when I told her that I loved french fries!  And, so, the hashtag was born: #stopeatingfrenchfries.

So, I asked myself and now I ask you: What are the “French fries” in your life that are hindering your path to excellence?

Recognizing the “French Fries”:

We all have those guilty pleasures, those little habits that we know aren’t good for us yet find ourselves indulging in anyway. They may show up in our diet, workday, relationships, or even our spiritual lives. These “French fries” represent the small choices and routines that keep us from reaching our full potential. Identifying them is the first step towards positive change.

The Power of Elimination – Starting Small:

When we become aware of the “French fries” in our lives, we must summon the courage to eliminate them. Just as I had to bid farewell to my beloved french fries (but, only for a while – I have since learned how to manage this habit and fit it back into my diet as a treat!), we must be willing to let go of the habits that hold us back. It’s not always easy, but it’s a necessary sacrifice on the path to excellence.

Replacing the “French Fries”:

Eliminating a negative habit creates space for something positive to take its place. In my case, I replaced french fries with nutritious vegetables. Similarly, as you identify and eliminate your own “French fries,” seek healthier alternatives that align with your goals and aspirations. Whether it’s swapping unhealthy snacks for nourishing ones or replacing unproductive work habits with efficient strategies, intentional choices pave the way for success.

Embracing Continuous Improvement:

Eliminating one bad habit is just the beginning. True excellence lies in ongoing growth and refinement. As we become more attuned to our daily routines and choices, we’ll uncover more “French fries” that need to be discarded. Embrace this process of continuous improvement, constantly reassessing and adapting to ensure that you’re consistently moving towards your best self.

In our quest for excellence, it’s crucial to identify and eliminate the “French fries” that hold us back from reaching our full potential. Whether it’s unhealthy eating habits, unproductive work routines, or any other detrimental behaviors, acknowledging and replacing them with positive alternatives is key. Remember, the journey towards excellence is a continuous one, and every step taken towards eliminating or minimizing these habits brings us closer to becoming the person we were created to be.

So, my question to you remains: What are you eating? What are  the “French fries” in your life that you need to eliminate today? #stopeatingfrenchfries

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  • Read More – “But, I don’t have time to read” – Who among you has said that?  I have.  But, I have adopted a technique prescribed by my friend and executive coach, Coach Bill Hart, who uses the 10 pages a day formula.  Here’s how it works:

Reading. Reading. This is such an interesting topic. It comes up in coaching sessions all the time. And I can tell you, as a first-time author, one of the things that I’ve learned is we are a country of book purchasers, but not a country of book readers. So, I want to give you a little tip today, and that is that if you will, time yourself as to how long it takes you to read ten pages. Now, I realize that there are different numbers of pages, number of words on pages, and size of fonts and so forth, but the average person will read ten pages in 16.7 minutes. So let’s call it 20.

Let’s say that it’s 20 minutes for you to read ten pages. The average business book and the average selfhelp book are going to be somewhere between 150 and 180 pages.        So let’s call it 200 pages. So, what we know is that in 20 days, you can read through the average book in 20 days if you’ll commit to ten pages a day. 20 minutes a day. I think                anybody can do that. But what I know is I talk to my clients and they’re ordering books, right? Like they got a bunch of books. But, oh, man, coach, I’m overwhelmed.

It’s a pretty simple formula if you’ll just do it.  Give it a try for a week. Let’s just see how this goes. 20 minutes a day, ten pages. Let’s see    what kind of progress you make. Talk to you on the other side of this.

I, personally, have adopted this discipline.  I have set a goal to read 24 books this year.  I read 10 pages in the morning and 10 pages in the evening of 2 different books.  I don’t achieve this every day.  My goal tracker tells me I am achieving this about 80% of the time this year.  I am still on track to do 24 books.  Do you want to see Coach Bill talk about this passionately, click here.

  • Read More – Welcome to my latest John Maxwell Law series of posts ( in previous posts we have reviewed The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and the 16 Undeniable Laws of Communication), where I’ll be reviewing one chapter each week from John Maxwell’s book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”. This book is a must-read for anyone on a personal growth journey, and I’m excited to share my insights and reflections on each chapter with you.  This week is Law #2.  Here We Go:

Law # 2 – The Law of Awareness

You Must Know Yourself to Grow Yourself

Maxwell opens the chapter by sharing a commencement address by Woodrow Wilson from 1907 that still resonates today, emphasizing the need for direction and purpose in a world filled with confusion and distraction. To reach our potential, Maxwell suggests that we not only understand where we are, currently, but also have a clear vision of where we want to go. This vision must be aligned with our passions and purpose. Maxwell presents ten questions to help us discover our passions, and in this blog post, I will explore two of those questions that particularly stood out to me from a leadership perspective and throw in a third one that I think is important to be aware of as well.

1) What Would You Like to Do? (Passion)

Identifying the work that makes time fly and energizes us is crucial. Stephen Covey once said, “How different our lives are when we really know what is deeply important to us, and keeping that picture in mind, we manage ourselves each day to be and to know what matters most.” This question prompts us to explore our passions and align our actions with what truly matters to us.

2) Can You Do What You Would Like to Do? (Skill):

Dreams that drive us forward are connected to who we are and what we can do. It is essential to recognize our unique abilities and invest in developing them. As former MLB catcher Jim Sundberg wisely stated, “Discover your uniqueness; then discipline yourself to develop it.” This question reminds us to assess our skills and determine whether they align with our aspirations.

3) Is There a Need for What You Want to Do? (Market): 

Regardless of our passion and skill, if there is no need for our chosen path, then you will simply find yourself with a hobby. This awareness ensures that our endeavors have a meaningful impact on others and the world around us. By harmonizing passion, skill, and need, we create the foundation for purposeful and fulfilling lives.

So, when we can answer “Yes” to all three questions—Am I passionate about it? Am I good at it? Is there a need for it?—we unlock the potential to live a life of purpose. This alignment compels us to pay the price necessary to pursue our aspirations. As the saying goes, “There are two great days in a person’s life: the day you were born and the day you discover why.” Embracing the Law of Awareness enables us to find our why and live a life driven by purpose.

Quote of the week:  Discipline is doing what you hate to do, but doing it like you love it!

What You Need to Do:

Call to Action:  So, what are you ‘eating’? What are the “French fries” in your life that you need to eliminate today?

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