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In what areas of your life have your lost tension and are content with the status quo?

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  • Love Always – Borrowing from John Maxwell’s Daily Reader, I was moved by one of his daily segments this week:

“Alex Haley, the author of Roots, used to keep a picture in his office of a turtle sitting atop a fence.  He kept it there to remind him of a lesson he had learned hears before: ‘If you see a turtle on a fence post, you know he had some help.’

Both developed leaders and the people who developed them are like that turtle.  They’ve gotten a lot of help.  Their view from the fence post is made possible by others. 

Adding value to a person is much more than personal promotion or organizational improvement.  It is true that people who have been developed get promoted.  And it is equally true that organizations improve and expand when they have leaders devoted to the development of others.  But adding value is much more than that.  It is the enrichment of people’s quality of life.  It is the expansion of their life purpose and capabilities.”

I know that I have been helped up on the fence post in my leadership development journey.  I am grateful for each of those who have lifted me.  It is my sincere desire that I can pay it forward and help other ‘turtles’ get on their fence post in life.

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  • On Culture – Sports have always been a passion of mine. I find great admiration in the accomplishments of successful coaches who not only achieve remarkable win-loss records but also go beyond that to add immeasurable value to the lives of those they coach. Growing Champions personifies this ideal. While a good coach may secure a great win-loss percentage, a truly uncommon coach not only dominates the scoreboard but also leaves a seismic positive impact on the lives they touch.

When Kris Jenkins sank a three-pointer at the buzzer to win the 2016 NCAA Tournament, it was a victory not just for a team and its coach but for an entire program. In his twentieth season with the Villanova program, including a five-year stint as an assistant to Coach Rollie Massimino, Coach Jay Wright had achieved his lifelong dream—and witnessed the culmination of a decades-long effort to build a culture of winning around a set of core values.

In his book Attitude, Coach Wright shared some of the leadership secrets that have enabled Villanova, a private university with an undergraduate enrollment of less than 6,500, to thrive in the hypercompetitive world of college athletics.  Below are a few quotes from that book that outline his approach to building culture in his program:

  1.  “We have a saying that everyone’s role is different, but everyone’s status is the same. It’s a reminder that no matter how bright the spotlight gets, we are all part of something much larger than ourselves.”
  2. “The most important characteristic any of us have is our attitude. It’s a concept that permeates everything you do. We all bring our attitude to every situation.”
  3. “We’re not complex in what we do X-and-O-wise, but we do spend a lot of time on how we react mentally to every situation.”
  4. “If you think about how good you are as opposed to what the next challenge is going to be, then you’ve already lost. We must stay humble.”
  5. “After we won in 2016, the goal wasn’t to win another [national title]. The goal was to keep our culture strong. We knew that for us, that was the best chance of winning it again. If we tried to win it another way, we weren’t going to win it anyway.”

I came across these Jay Wright quotes in a short review of Jay’s book, but I suspect that the entire book would be a good read. 

  • Read More –This week is a review of Law #10 in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John Maxwell.  Each week, I am traveling with you through a new chapter of this book.  I hope that you have purchased a copy of this book and are following along with me! 

Law # 10 – The Law of the Rubber Band

Growth Stops When You Lose the Tension Between Where You Are and Where You Could Be

Life begins at the end of our comfort zone. It’s a profound statement that highlights the importance of pushing ourselves beyond what feels safe and secure.

Here are some insights on stretching our own leadership journey through tension outlined in the chapter:

Stretching is uncommon:

In a world where average is the norm, those who are willing to stretch and reach their full potential gain a significant advantage. Many people settle for mediocrity and rarely tap into their true abilities. By acknowledging the gap between our current state and our potential, we can use the tension of that gap as motivation to strive for continuous improvement.

Dissatisfaction with the Status Quo:

Staying within our comfort zone may bring temporary gratification, but it ultimately leads to a sense of dissatisfaction and mediocrity. To achieve personal growth, we must harness a healthy discontent with the status quo.

Stretching starts on the Inside:

Many people desire change in their lives, whether it’s finding a more fulfilling career, losing weight, or even writing a book. The key to initiating that change lies within us. We need to search deep within to find the motivation, make the choice, and commit to stretching beyond our current limitations.

Embracing Change:

Stretching and personal growth require welcoming change. Instead of constantly looking backward, we must focus on the present and future. The windshield of our lives is much larger than the rearview mirror, symbolizing the importance of looking ahead and embracing new opportunities.

Setting Yourself Apart:

Exceeding expectations and striving for excellence sets us apart from the crowd. Stretching ourselves allows us to reach new heights and, as important, inspire others to do the same!

Stretching is a Habit:

Stretching is not a one-time act; it becomes a way of life. Continuously pushing ourselves, recognizing that we haven’t arrived but are constantly evolving, is the essence of growth. Instead of becoming complacent after achieving a certain level of success (Consultant Ben Newman refers to this as the “Seduction of Success.”) , we must commit to continuous improvement.

Making a Significant Difference:

Stretching gives us the opportunity to make a significant impact on the world. By realizing that the difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing can solve many of the world’s problems, we tap into our potential for greatness.

Reflecting on our lives, it’s important to identify areas where we have lost our ‘stretch’ and settled. By acknowledging our dissatisfaction and using it as a catalyst for change, we can accelerate the journey of personal growth. Embracing discomfort, stretching beyond our comfort zone, and continuously striving for improvement not only enriches our own lives but also has the potential to inspire and positively impact the world around us.

  • Quote of the week:   “Only a mediocre person is always at his best.” – W. Somerset Maugham(Read that again!).  When you are striving for Uncommon, you will not always be at your best, but you WILL be improving your best always!

What You Need to Do:

Call to Action:  In what ways can you stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone this week to not only achieve personal success but also make a positive impact on the lives of others around you?

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