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The Champion’s Brew is a weekly assembly of material I am reading, listening to, watching, or thinking about that is designed to equip and call you to uncommon leadership.  I often add my own little spin based on my takeaways and would love your input as well.  Any of the points especially impact you?  Drop me a note at [email protected], or comment on the blog to keep the conversation going!  I believe you will discover that the format is not only useful, but also that you can consume it within the time it takes you to enjoy your daily ‘brew’!  Become a member of the Champions Brew Nation by subscribing here!!

Here is your weekly drink of what I have been reading, listening to or watching to equip  me to:

  • Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit! – Google it.  Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day.  Of course, the day is symbolized with the wearin’ of the green, corned beef & cabbage, green beer, and good times.  But, do you know the story of St. Patrick? 

St. Patrick was a 5th century missionary

St. Patrick was credited with bringing Christianity to parts of Ireland

St. Patrick used green shamrocks to tell his people about Catholicism

Another St. Patrick’s day folktale was that a leprechaun would go around pinching people who didn’t wear green on St Patrick’s Day (My mom still practices this folktale so watch out!!)

  • Uncommon Leader Podcast ‘Recap’:  Did you get a chance to listen to episode 1 of season 2 of the Uncommon Leader podcast?  I hope so, but if not, I have a recap of some of the great wisdom from my friend and founder of Inspired Policing Solutions, Rick Morrison!  Here are just a couple of the things he laid on the listeners:
    • (6:10) Change demands a starting point and that change was Rick.  He  has to make the choice to change before asking others to change.
    • (8:36)“What if?” – This question that Rick asked himself and his boss on the day his vision clarified was an inspirational, purpose filled question that allowed Rick to really dream about what was possible.
    • (9:26) The 4 Principles to Change
      • Do you have the desire to change yourself & others?
      • A unified vision – beyond just the leader’s vision, but empowering others to be a part of it
      • The three ‘E’s – Engage, Educate, and Empower
      • Measure what matters
    • (15:58) You can’t grow your people until you know your people

These points are just a small part of the story.  I encourage you to go back and listen to Rick’s entire story.

  • Eat Healthy (and save money!): One of my favorite foodie follows on Instagram is Bobby Parrish (@flavcity).  He posts about good buys at various grocery stores and then has recipes like this Low Carb Mexican Tator Tot Casserole that looks fabulous! He does a really good job identifying the good and bad ingredients in foods that we eat and even has a free app where you can scan the bar code on the item and determine if it is Bobby approved.  He is a BIG fan of Costco (and so am I) and does monthly videos from inside his ‘happy place’ outlining the great deals there.  Check him out if you are on Instagram.  And, while you are there, go ahead and follow me (@coach.johngallagher)!!!
  • Quote – “Celebrate what you’ve accomplished but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.” – Mia Hamm  Celebrate your accomplishment and then, put it behind you and set another goal.  As a leader or coach, there is an inherent risk of de-motivating such that the person you are coaching may interpret this as you are never satisfied, so the success celebration is VERY important. Ultimately, it is the definition of continuous improvement.

What you need to do:

Call to Action:  So, have you asked yourself recently, “What if?”?  What if you started to eat healthier or exercise daily?  What if you started to start your day with reading or meditating for 20 minutes  each day?  What change do you need to make in yourself to realize your “What if?”

Let’s continue the conversation.  Email me at [email protected] or comment on the blog about what you find valuable with the Champions Brew this week.  Is there something you would like to see me add?  I am open to feedback!!!

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Until next time, go and Grow Champions!

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