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“I had six honest serving men – they taught me all I know: Their names were Where and What and When- and Why and How and Who.” – Rudyard Kipling

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  • Uncommon Leader Insights – In In the latest episode of The Uncommon Leader Podcast, I hosted Mark Tappan and his K9 dog, Mattis!, He shared insightful stories and lessons from his new book. Here are three key takeaways from our conversation that are sure to inspire personal and professional growth:
  1. Turn Potential into Significance – Mark recounted a pivotal moment from his youth, emphasizing the importance of self-application. Despite acing a history test with last-minute preparation, Mark realized he was underutilizing his potential. It underscores the significance of not just recognizing our potential but actively working to fulfill it.
  2. Turn Service into Impact – As a K9 officer, Mark has found his calling not only in law enforcement but also in making a meaningful impact in the community. He shared heart-wrenching stories, including ministering to a grieving family, showcasing how service extends beyond professional duties. Mark’s narrative encourages us to find roles where our work aligns with deeper contributions towards community and kindness.
  3. Turn Moments Into Lessons – Mark’s bond with his K9 partner Mattis revealed profound life lessons, the most notable being “Go all in.” Whether it’s greeting him at the door or performing on duty, Mattis does everything with unreserved enthusiasm. This approach, as Mark illustrates, can be transformative.

Mark Tappan’s remarkable experiences alongside his K9 companion, Mattis, serve as a compelling reminder that leadership and learning are inseparable companions on the journey of growth.

To gain further insights from Mark Tappan and his book, A Dog Named Mattis,  I invite you to listen to the entire episode here.

  • Make the Decision – The first step in personal or organization transformation is to make the Decision that you want to change. 

Have you ever experienced something like this? Picture a chilly evening in February, nestled in bed, when suddenly, amid the howling winds and dropping temperatures, a faint chirping disrupts your peaceful slumber. It’s the smoke detector, signaling a low battery. Ah, the familiar inconvenience we’ve all encountered!  Trust me, I speak from experience!

Initially, the sound is barely noticeable. Wrapped snugly in warm blankets, you dismiss it as a minor disturbance. But as the chirping persists, its frequency intensifies, gradually piercing through your sleep and shattering your comfort. The discomfort grows, unsettling your once-restful state.

Unable to ignore it any longer, you finally make a decision. Perhaps, like me, you’re prompted by your significant other, who playfully reminds you of the importance of tending to the smoke detectors, even as you speak to multi-billion dollar companies. And so, you rise from the bed, braving the brisk air, determined to silence the persistent chirp.

At that moment, you realize something profound. The displeasure of remaining in the same room with that maddening sound has become greater than the discomfort of leaving the warmth and security of the warm covers! This seemingly small incident unveils a larger truth—change, in both life and business, hinges upon a similar decision.

The discomfort of staying within your comfort zone must be outweighed by the displeasure of the discipline and effort required to achieve your desired outcome.

You see, the smoke detector chirping becomes a potent symbol for the decision to change. It serves as a reminder that discomfort can act as a catalyst for growth and that taking disciplined action is essential for creating a better future.

Remember this: “Your path to Uncommon is paved by the Decision to choose the Discomfort of change over the Displeasure of remaining the same.”

  • Read More Here we go.  We are traveling together on a journey with an inspiring speaker, and author, Ed Mylett, and his book “The Power of One More – The Ultimate Guide to Success and Happiness”.  As an avid listener of Mylett’s podcast, I’m thrilled to revisit this great book that holds a special place in my Top Ten influential reads. Join me as we uncover wisdom within its pages. Got your copy yet? Let’s dive in!

Chapter Eight  – “One More Question to Ask Ourselves”

In Chapter 8, Mylett discussed the power of asking god questions.  He framed it in the form of asking ourselves questions and as leaders, that is important.  I also know the power of asking others great questions as well.

In the realm of leadership, one often-underestimated skill is the art of asking good questions. Let’s take a look at some inspiring quotes and examples that highlight its transformative power.

  1. Changing Influence through Quality Questions:  To change the level of our influence, we must change the quality of questions we ask. By shifting our focus to more impactful inquiries, we can navigate challenging situations with clarity and purpose.
  2. The Navy Seals’ Question:  The Navy Seals employ a powerful question: “What in this situation can I control immediately?” This approach helps leaders avoid fixating on uncontrollable factors during crises, preventing fear and worry from impairing their decision-making abilities.
  3. The Enlightenment of Questions:  Eugene Ionesco wisely stated, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” This profound insight reminds us that true understanding and growth come from exploring the depths of our inquiries rather than simply seeking immediate solutions.
  4. Coaching with Open-Ended Questions:  As coaches, asking open-ended questions becomes paramount in nurturing deeper responses, fostering richer experiences, and building stronger relationships. It is through thoughtful inquiries that we encourage introspection and personal growth.
  5. Techniques in Coaching:  In coaching, various techniques centered around asking questions yield remarkable results. For instance, before each session, asking mentees about their biggest win and challenge prompts reflection on their achievements and areas for improvement.
  6. Overcoming Obstacles:  Instead of immediately offering advice, adopting a curious stance can be transformative. Encouraging individuals to identify their biggest obstacles and strategize ways to overcome them empowers them to prioritize actions that will bring the most significant impact.
  7. The Questioning Style of Jesus:  Examining the New Testament, we discover that Jesus asked 307 questions, while only answering 8 out of the 183 direct questions posed to him. His willingness to listen and inquire demonstrates the power of showing genuine interest in others, fostering deeper connections.
  8. Peter Drucker’s Consultant Strength:  Management guru Peter Drucker recognized the strength of being ignorant and asking questions. By acknowledging our limitations and seeking knowledge through thoughtful inquiries, we can bring fresh perspectives and insights to the table.

By equipping ourselves with the skill of asking good questions, we can enhance our influence, deepen relationships, and promote personal growth.

Next week: One More Goal

Quote of the week:   “Complacency is the last hurdle any winner, any team must overcome before attaining potential greatness.  Complacency is the Success Disease; it takes root when you’re feeling good about who you are and what you have achieved.” – Pat Riley, Miami Heat President

Call to Action:  Reflect on the insights shared about leadership, learning, and the importance of making choices that lead to growth and uncommon success. Identify an area of your life or career where you have been hesitant to change or take action.

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