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“The pathway to desiring and creating the best for others is intentionality.” – John Maxwell

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  • Uncommon Leader Insights – In In the latest episode of The Uncommon Leader Podcast, I had the privilege of speaking with Christine Jewell, author of the newly released book “Drop the Armor, Release the Past, Ignite Your Faith, and Unlock an Extraordinary Life.” Christine’s transformative insights are particularly aimed at ultra-high achievers and those feeling mentally overwhelmed and spiritually longing. Here are three key takeaways from our enlightening conversation:
    • Embrace the Unknown – Christine Jewell emphasizes the importance of being comfortable with uncertainty. Life often tosses us into the unknown, and instead of resisting, let’s learn to embrace it. Embracing the unknown allows us to operate in partnership with God’s plan, creating space for genuine growth and new possibilities. As Christine suggests, stepping into this new space can lead us to true freedom, fulfillment, and purpose.
    • External Validation Not Needed – Our society conditions us to seek external validation, often leading to a life of constant self-proving battles. Christine’s journey illustrates the destructive nature of this mindset and the significant shift that occurs when we start operating from a place of internal fulfillment rather than external approval. By igniting our inner fire and focusing on what truly matters, we transition from being, as Christine says,  “warriors of the world to warriors of the heart”.
    • Equanimity is Key – Christine discusses the letdown with traditional, ego-driven leadership strategies and the need for a new kind of leader—one who is grounded, calm, and purposeful. She highlights that many old battle tactics, especially in communication and relationships, no longer serve us. Instead, we should aim to use words with intention and kindness, transforming how we lead and connect with others. The cover of her book, featuring a sword over one eye, symbolizes this journey of releasing old ways and learning to choose our battles wisely.

To gain further insights from Christine Jewell and her new book, I invite you to listen to the entire episode here.

  • ‘Exercise’ Daily – In our journey of personal development, spiritual growth, financial discipline, relationship building, or physical fitness, it’s the daily actions we take that have the most profound impact. Recently, Robin Sharma, renowned author of “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” shared valuable insights on Ed Mylett’s podcast, highlighting the significance of small steps in achieving great gains. Let’s dive into a couple of his key points:
  1. “Small daily seemingly insignificant improvements, when done consistently over time, lead to stunning results.” This profound statement encapsulates the essence of uncommon success. It’s not the grand gestures or occasional bursts of effort that truly transform our lives; rather, it’s the consistent, incremental progress we make each day.
  2. “The days are your life in miniature, so don’t worry about the weeks, months, quarters, or years, but focus on today. If you can get micro wins and also make steady progress toward your personal Mt Everest goals, you’ve had a great day.” This perspective reminds us to prioritize the present moment and the actions we can take today. By embracing daily micro wins and aligning them with our long-term aspirations, we create a sense of fulfillment and move closer to achieving our ultimate goals.

You can listen to the full episode here.

After hearing this, I was reminded of a few other tips on daily wins:

John Maxwell often emphasizes that success lies in our daily agenda. It’s the consistent disciplines we cultivate and practice daily, even when we don’t feel like it, that pave the way to inevitable success.

James Clear, the recognized “Habits expert” and author of the ultra-successful Atomic Habits, says to keep the habits simple and repeatable. 

So, let’s do this: Consistently dedicate ourselves to the simple daily disciplines that matter most, and we can unlock the path to uncommon.

  • Read More Here we go.  We are traveling together on a journey with an inspiring speaker, and author, Ed Mylett, and his book “The Power of One More – The Ultimate Guide to Success and Happiness”.  As an avid listener of Mylett’s podcast, I’m thrilled to revisit this great book that holds a special place in my Top Ten influential reads. Join me as we uncover wisdom within its pages. Got your copy yet? Let’s dive in!

Chapter Nine – “One More Goal”

Chapter 9 of Ed Mylett’s book, “Power of One More,” introduces us to the concept of “One More Goal”. In this chapter, Mylett emphasizes that pursuing our goals, when executed properly, is the “transference of energy into action”.

One key aspect Mylett highlights is the significance of compelling reasons, something that I often refer to as our “so that.” These reasons provide us with the energy and resilience necessary to push through challenging times and overcome obstacles on our path to success (like the snooze button on our morning alarm!). It’s not merely about discipline and drive; there must also be an emotional component linked to our goals—a compelling motivation that prevents our goals from becoming a burden.

Mylett reminds us that life-altering goals often take time to accomplish. Using the example of weight loss, he suggests that a compelling reason could be the desire to avoid premature death due to obesity. To build momentum, we can set smaller, achievable goals, such as losing two pounds a week. By establishing proper habits, like eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly, we make our goals more attainable.

Mylett shares his personal practice of choosing a one-word strategy each year, serving as an overarching theme for his actions. This approach helps him stay focused and committed to his goals. For me one year it was “No limiting beliefs” to overcome mindset and a few years ago on my health journey it was “stop eating french fries”.

He also stresses the importance of setting deadlines for our goals, because, as we know, ‘soon’ is not a time.

Finally, accountability plays a vital role in achieving our goals. Mylett advises selecting someone who can help hold us accountable for our actions. The combination of discipline and accountability leads to personal growth, ascension, and dominance.

What are your thoughts on “One More Goal” and its impact on your pursuit of success? Share your insights and experiences in the comments. Let’s support and inspire each other on this journey to greatness.

Next week: One More Higher Standard

Quote of the week:   “If you’re having trouble sticking to a new habit, try a smaller version until it becomes automatic. Do less than you’re capable of but do it more consistently than you have before.” – James Clear

This is a simple yet profound insight that holds the key to breaking free from old habits and embracing positive change. It’s as simple as starting small and gradually building momentum until it becomes automatic.

Think about it: crash diets may provide quick results, but they rarely stand the test of time. The real transformation lies in making small, sustainable lifestyle changes that compound over time. For instance, if you find yourself indulging in sweets seven days a week, going cold turkey can be incredibly challenging. Instead, try cutting it by 50% and limit yourself to enjoying sweets only three days a week.

Here’s where the magic happens: by reducing your candy bar intake by four per week, you’ll save yourself from consuming a staggering 52,000 calories over a year! That’s equivalent to about 15 pounds of weight loss.

Call to Action:  What disciplines, or small micro wins,  do you need to  prioritize in your daily agenda? Share your thoughts and aspirations in the comments below.

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