Uncommon Weekend – Your Champions Brew for Friday, September 3, 2021

Welcome back to the Champion’s Brew and thanks for reading!!!  Whos is ready for a 3-day weekend?!!!! The Brew is  a weekly pick-me-up designed to equip and call you to uncommon leadership. 

Here is your weekly drink of what I have been consuming recently:

What You Need to Know

I was listening to a Jeremy Scott Fitness podcast recently and he was talking about an article that he read on the 10 Things Exceptionally Successful People Do on the Weekends, published in Success magazine and authored by Casey Imafidon (want to make sure I give props to all that I learned from on this one!.  I am sure this article has been shared a bunch.  I am going to put my own spin on it for the Champions Brew Nation!  When I started the Champions Brew a few months ago, I wanted to share information that would inspire and motivate you to be Uncommon.  To be Uncommon, one must be willing to do things that the average, common person is not willing to do.  I use this canvas in my office as the backdrop for the things I share:

So let’s call this one…14 Things Uncommon Leaders do every day, even on WEEKENDS (and, especially LONG WEEKENDS)!

  1. Think Positively: The weekend is a good time to put things into perspective, review your goals, and keep up the momentum.  Write down the things that went well for you the past week.  Ask yourself how you keep that momentum next week.
  2. Network Well:  Hang out with people you love.  People who lift you up.  Be present with them.  Put the phones away for a while.  Try not to check emails. 
  3. Exercise Daily: Exercising should continue on the weekends.  Maybe a hike, or a climb, or a long walk.  Try to stay active on the weekends
  4. Eat Healthy: While the weekend may be a regular time for a cheat meal, don’t find yourself giving back all your good eating habits of your week with a couple days of binging!
  5. Work Hard:  There may still be a time for work.  Use an hour of time on the weekend to help you to plan for the upcoming week.  It can make your Monday morning even more productive!
  6. Stay Strong: The weekend isn’t the time to throw away everything you have ‘built’ during the week.  You can stay strong by waking up early on the weekends as well.  The time is just as valuable as the weekday time!
  7. Build Faith:  For me, Sunday morning church service is a priority.  I love the music and find myself challenged and inspired by the message.
  8. Worry Less: Easier said than done.  What is it that truly inspires you and makes you feel alive?  Is it music?  Is it nature?  Whatever it is, try to inject a little bit of that on the weekend so that your mind is cleared of burdens you may have.  It doesn’t make them go away, but it will help.
  9. Read More:  Your calendar should be a little less about the meetings on the weekend, giving you more time to expand your knowledge and gain inspiration through reading.  My reading time is in the mornings which is why I continue to get up early (see #6!)
  10. Be Happy:  This is a choice YOU must make.  Nobody else is going to make you happy.  One of the ways you can get yourself in the right mindset is a gratitude journal.
  11. Volunteer Freely:  The weekend may be the perfect time to ‘give back’.  What cause are you passionate about and where could you move that cause forward by volunteering.  The author references another article that says 70% of successful people give back at least 5 hours every month.
  12. Relax Often:  Take a nap!  I really love to take an afternoon nap, especially on Sundays.  It doesn’t have to be a long one, but the weekend should be somewhat about relaxing!
  13. Love Always:  The weekend is an opportune time to catch up with family after a busy week of meetings and being taxi service for others.
  14. Live Forever: This number 14 is not necessarily about the act of breathing.  I make up that what it is really about is focusing less on the years you have left in your life and  focusing more on the life you have left in your years!! 

I don’t speak on this as an expert practitioner of these tips.  I, too, struggle at times to embrace the time on the weekends in these areas.  The purpose of the Champions Brew is to encourage and inspire you to Grow yourself and Grow other Champions.  I hope this list helps you.

What You Need to DO:

What is one thing on this list you could start doing this weekend?

Is there something that I have missed? 

Drop me a note at [email protected] so that I can add it to my weekend routine.

If you did enjoy the Champion’s Brew, I encourage you to share it with your friends.  If this email has been forwarded to you, be sure and  subscribe and I will make sure you automatically get this email every week. 

Until next time, go and Grow Champions!

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